Carol Campos

“Alignment with who we really are is the key to our success.”
- Carol Campos


I’m Carol Campos and I love nothing more than to help people reclaim their voice and personal power so that they can shed the mask and unapologetically show up as who they truly are—magnificent, powerful beings!

For FOUR decades I hid who I really was. After enduring years of mental, emotional, and even physical abuse in my personal life, as well as narcissist leadership in my professional life, my self-worth hung in the balance. It’s said that the amount of crap we choose to endure is in direct proportion to how we value ourselves. When the scale tips and that threshold is crossed, it’s only then that we will get out of a bad situation. This was the case for me.

Often, because of traumatic life experiences, we no longer feel safe to express ourselves. Our voices and personal power get pushed deep down or locked away. This causes us to make decisions that do not honor our true selves. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to shed the mask.

The good news is that your voice, so unique and powerful, is never lost. You don’t need to “find” your voice, you need to uncover it, reclaim it. This is where I can help.

It can be daunting to make a change, initiate a life transformation—even when you KNOW in your heart and Soul that it’s for the best. I understand because I’ve been there. I know how it feels and how scary it can be to be vulnerable. So many of us have spent a lifetime building a beautiful, shiny, impenetrable wall to keep the world from seeing our old wounds, from seeing us as we really are. Time to tear down the wall!

In order to break down the wall and shed the mask, you have to do the inner work. It’s the only way through to the other side. But you don’t have to do this work alone! I act as your guide, holding the lantern as you navigate the twists and turns in the darkness to make it safely out into the light—where all the goodness in life awaits!

I will work with you to get your fears in check. Together we will pinpoint and remove the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs which have been holding you back from the life you truly deserve. I will teach you practical tools for re-wiring your brain, replacing negative thought patterns, with loving, healthy ones. I will show you how to connect to your own Higher wisdom and cultivate self-love.

When you are empowered, EVERYTHING is easier because you know instinctively what you stand for and what you won’t stand for. From this place you can move forward with decisions that honor your true self and feel inspired.

You ABSOLUTELY can live the life you want by using just a few tools and strategies I provide, coupled with your own inspired action and commitment. Remember—this is a collaborative effort! You, me, and the Universe!

Your inspired life awaits…

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